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Image Title: Colonel William Farrand Prosser 1834-1911
Colonel William Farrand Prosser 1834-1911

A native Pennsylvanian, Colonel Prosser staked a homestead claim on the banks of the Yakima River in 1882.  In 1885 he filed a town site on his property, which would later be called Prosser. Before establishing his homestead, he served as Union soldier, Tennessee state representative, United States congressman and special agent for the Department of the Interior. 

After leaving Prosser in 1888, the Colonel served as North Yakima mayor, Washington State Constitutional Convention delegate, Washington State Historical Society founder and Seattle City treasurer.  Throughout the 1890's he thrilled crowds at Prosser's 4th of July parades, impeccably dressed and setting atop his prized high-stepping Tennessee Walking Horse. 

Today, our beloved an distinguished Colonel William Farrand Prosser rests at the Lakeview Cemetery in Seattle, Washington.