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Image Title: Victorian Parlor
Victorian Parlor

Image Title: Native Flora and Fauna
Native Flora and Fauna

The community's ancient past is highlighted in Top Tat; an exhibit which describes the fascinating evolution of a Native American fishery at a bend in the Yakima River. 

Visitors will also learn of the arrival of European-American homesteaders, dry land ranching, early day community life, horse and buggy culture, antique firearms, and the profound impact of both the Northern Pacific Railway and the United States Reclamation Act. 

Shrub Steppe, the area's native ecosystem, is illustrated and interpreted in an engaging exhibit that changes with each season of the year.  The exhibit features nature photography, taxidermy and natural materials. 

The elegant and exuberant days of the early 1900's are recreated in our Victorian parlor, dinging room and ladies fashion display.